New 'Supernatural' pics: Winchesters in suits, Sam's hair, and a bloody dead body

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supernatural-804-sam-dean-car.jpgWe need to find out who does Jared Padalecki's hair for "Supernatural," and then we need to send them a thank-you note. His romance-novel-leading-man locks have been particularly spectacular this season, as evidenced by these photos from episode 804, "Bitten."

(And don't get us started on more pictures of Jensen Ackles in a suit. This is becoming gratuitous.)

As we previously reported, "Bitten" is the rare episode where the focus is actually directed away from the Winchester brothers. Instead, the episode is made up mostly of "found footage," featuring guest stars Leigh Parker, Brandon W. Jones, and Britni Sheridan as students investigating inexplicable animal attacks in their college town. Obviously, they aren't just animal attacks.

"You're living in this found footage, the boys bracketed on either side, in the opening and at the very end," executive producer Bob Singer told us . "But for 95 percent of the show, you're living in this found footage. [The Winchesters] are in it unknowingly, so it's crazy. It's a really good episode, very compelling, and has great guest stars. It deals with college kids."

supernatural-sam-dean-coroner-van.jpg supernatural-804-crime-scene.jpg supernatural-804-crime-scene-2.jpg supernatural-sam-804.jpg supernatural-804-sam-dean-questioning.jpg supernatural-804-sam-dead-body.jpg supernatural-804-sam-deam-coffee-shop.jpg
Photo/Video credit: The CW