New 'Twilight: Breaking Dawn' pic: Edward and Bella share a moment

breaking-dawn-edward-bella-0506.jpgThe latest image released from "Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part I" is sure to set the hearts of Team Edward fans aflutter.

Like a lot of the other stills released so far, the new image is not exactly an action shot. What it does have, though, is Edward ( Robert Pattinson) beaming down at Bella ( Kristen Stewart) while she gazes up at him and puts a hand on his chest.

A tender pre-wedding moment? Could be. Bella wondering for a second what she's got herself into? Also possible -- she doesn't look quite as at peace with things as her husband-to-be does. Anyway, the lighting is quite lovely.

"Breaking Dawn Part I" opens in theaters in a little more than six months: Nov. 18, 2011.

Photo/Video credit: Summit Entertainment