New 'Twilight: New Moon' pictures and video rise: Don't slap the werewolves

twilightnewmoon_itunes_video_290.jpgOne month out from the "Twilight: New Moon" premiere, Summit Entertainment has released a new clip from the film as well as a number of new pictures from the film.

The short video, introduced by Taylor Lautner, shows Bella (Kristen Stewart) confronting Jacob Black's wolfpack and provoking... well, the sort of reaction you'd expect when slapping a teen werewolf full in the face.

You can watch the new "New Moon" clip on iTunes. We'll also be posting it this evening, so be sure to check back then.

In the meantime, take a gander at a new set of stills from the movie:






See more "Twilight: New Moon" pictures. "New Moon" opens in theaters Nov. 20.

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