New Year's Eve with a celebrity: What's the price tag?

lady-gaga-ama-thumb-240.jpgSome say that the way you spend your New Year's Eve sets the tone for the rest of your year. If you believe that, then no doubt you want ring in the New Year with one of your idols. Don't know how to accomplish that task? The Wrap, The Scene and MTV have done some of the work for you. We took the liberty of organizing it by city.

Here are some of the top Celebrity New Year's Eve parties (organized by location). Pick your poison.

Las Vegas, NV:

Jail stay? Gang shooting? Break out rap act? Bouts with baby-mamas? If that's how you want to roll, Rapper and Actor 50 Cent will be at Pure inside Caesar's Palace. No word on whether "Fitty" will be performing, though. $250

Want to sing like a sista, resent your record company for making you sing bubble gum pop, make news every time you leave the kids at home for a night out and live in the shadow of Britney Spears? Songstress Christina Aguilera is hosting the TAO party at the Venetian in Las Vegas. $210

Have you always wanted to be frenemies with Paris Hilton? Live the glamour of being a music legend's daughter? Lose way too much weight? Nicole Richie is the front-woman at LAVO's NYE bash at The Palazzo Hotel. $150