Niall Horan nude shower pic is fake - One Direction singer wishes he had those biceps

Fans of Niall Horan and One Direction went hog wild on the internet when a naked photo began circulating that purported to be Mr. Horan in the shower. The pic shows a man from the side who bears a striking resemblance to the 19-year-old boy bander. It's a little NSFW, but not graphically nude.

Niall took to Twitter to let disappointed fans know the nudie was not the real deal. "That's not me by the way in that pic," Niall writes. "I'd be happy with biceps like that though to be fair!"

The shoe was on the other foot recently when Miley Cyrus tweeted a genuine photo of Niall posing with the producer of her new album, and tried to pass it off as a pic of herself. Now all we need is a fake nude pic of Miley to bring this whole thing full circle.

Anyway, here's the fake naked Niall pic. Would you have fallen for it?

Photo/Video credit: Twitter