Nicholas Hoult turns 24: Celebrate his birthday with his 5 best roles


Big happy birthday wishes go out to adorable Brit Nicholas Hoult! The film and TV star -- and boyfriend of Jennifer Lawrence -- turns 24 today. 

It's been quite a year for Mr. Holt. From his starring role in zombie romcom "Warm Bodies" being well-received to filming "X-Men: Days of Future Past," the interest in Holt continues to grow. 

But it's not only his current projects that make him so beloved to fans. He has an impressive back catalogue from over the years as well, and has pulled out great performances across the board. 

In honor of his big day, here's a look back at five of Hoult's best roles:


1. "Skins": "Skins wasn't Hoult's first big role, but it was the first thing that made him a star in his teenage years. Showing off his dark side as Tony Stonem in the British teen drama "Skins," Hoult cemented himself as a heartthrob who wasn't afraid to go into some messed up territory.


2. "X-Men: First Class": Forgive us for having a special place in our hearts for the movie that brought Hoult and JLaw together. Hoult is great as Beast, and balances the superhero vibe of the movie well with the same emotional intensity he showed in "Skins."


3. "A Single Man" : Hoult's small but significant role in "A Single Man" helped with the impact of the flick's final act. As Kenny Potter, Hoult showed off his delicacy and kindness and made himself all the more lovable.


4. "About a Boy": Look at that freaking face! "About a Boy" was the first movie that introduced audiences to Hoult, though at the time it was known primarily as a Hugh Grant flick. It's been wonderful to see Hoult make good on the promise he showed in that movie over the years.


5. "Warm Bodies": This is the movie that proved to the world that Hoult can really carry a movie. Making a romantic zombie film into a thing that actually works is no easy feat, but it's one that he pulled off with flying colors.

What are your favorite of Hoult's projects?

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images