Nickelback responds to NFL petition via Funny Or Die

nickelback-getty.jpgApparently, 'tis the season to protest. Detroit Lions fans are raging against the machine that invited Nickelback, a Canadian band, to play the halftime show at their Lions' Thanksgiving game. It's serious stuff -- their online petition has over 75,000 signatures and the United Way has even gotten involved.

So serious, in fact, that Nickelback has chosen to respond... via a Funny or Die exclusive video. When Funny or Die approached the band, they were on board right away.

"They called us up. They said, 'This whole debacle that's going on in Detroit it just lunacy. We here in the comedy field think it's just perfect for making fun of, and if you guys would like to come down here...'," Chad Kroeger tells MTV News. "We're huge fans of Funny or Die and anything Will Ferrell is associated with -- we're there. So we're like, 'Absolutely, we'd love to come and make fun of the whole thing and ourselves at the same time.' "

Check out the video below (but watch out, it's got some NSFW language). Whose side are you on?

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images/Funny or Die