Nickelodeon star Cody Longo arrested for DUI

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nick-longo-dui-hollywood-heights.jpgAnother week, another star's DUI.

TMZ is reporting that 25-year-old Cody Longo, who stars on the Nickelodeon show "Hollywood Heights," was arrested for DUI in Los Angeles this week.

Law enforcement sources say Longo was driving erratically -- flashing lights at other cars, following too close -- so he was pulled over, where the cops smelled alcohol and administered field sobriety tests, which Longo failed.

One source says Longo's blood alcohol level was .19 and .20, which is more than twice the legal limit of 0.8. Longo was arrested and later released on a $15,000 bond.

"This was an unfortunate misunderstanding," a rep for Longo tells TMZ. "Cody takes it very seriously as his focus is music and acting."
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images