Nicki Minaj posts topless photo of her boobs on Instagram


Nicki Minaj is proud of her breasts, and she has no problem showing them off. Little over a month and a half after she posted her topless wedding dress photo (because why not?), the rapper posted another image on her Instagram showing her in a very Lady Godiva-like pose.

In the image, Minaj puckers up while using her hair to cover her nipples. The black extensions do little to cover the majority of her breasts though, so between this photo and the wedding dress one, anyone who cares has a pretty good idea of what Minaj's naked upper half looks like.

Of course, her breasts aren't the only asset Minaj likes to flaunt. She also tried to switch #ThrowbackThursdays to #ThongThursdays when she posted an Instagram photo of her behind on July 18.

Photo/Video credit: Instagram