Nicki Minaj posts topless wedding dress photo on Twitter

Twitter for an eyeful of Nicki Minaj Wednesday (June 19) when a topless photo of the singer and "American Idol" judge made waves online. 

The photo shows Nicki putting on what looks like a wedding gown, but there's still a way to go before she's actually wearing it. She is also donning one of her trademark gigantic wigs and pink lipstick. In the picture, she's using her hands to cover herself as she stares into the camera. 

The photo was actually posted by her producer and rumored boyfriend, Scaff Beezy. He captioned the pic "throwback," and Minaj retweeted it to her followers, creating quite a stir.

Minaj will not be returning for another season of "American Idol." In fact, all of the judges except Keith Urban have confirmed they have left the series. Urban doesn't know one way or the other if he'll be back yet.

Photo/Video credit: Twitter