Nicole Kidman goes bleach blonde for 'The Paperboy'

nicole-kidman-blonde-2.jpgWow -- Nicole Kidman has gone blonde. Way blonde. The Australian actress and wife of country star Keith Urban was snapped on the New Orleans set of "The Paperboy" sporting a bleached, shaggy 'do.

According to E!, the look is just temporary and for Kidman's role as a woman who writes letters to death row inmates in director Lee Daniels's ("Precious") "The Paperboy." The movie co-stars Matthew McConaughey as a cop who returns to his hometown to investigate one of the inmates.

So did Kidman really bleach her golden-red tresses? Doubtful. Our guess is she's wearing a good wig.

Note: According to E!, "Modern Family's" Sofia Vergara was initially cast in Kidman's role, but had to cancel because of a scheduling conflict.

What do you think -- do you like the new Nicole?

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images/E!