Nicole Richie, Joel Madden play-fight via Twitter. We like them more.

joel-madden-nicole-richie-gi.jpgTwitter isn't only useful for things like sending pictures of one's naked crotch to virtual friends. It's also the ideal place to fling flirty banter back and forth with your significant other.

We follow Nicole Richie and her husband, Good Charlotte's Joel Madden on Twitter because, umm, we like to keep up with breaking news. Okay. Maybe it's because we totally admire Nicole -- not only has she cleaned up her act and risen above her humble beginnings as Paris Hilton's "Simple Life" sidekick, but she's built a respected brand of clothes, accessories and jewelry. Not to mention she's also happily married and the mother to two very cool -- and well-named -- kids.

On Tuesday (June 7), we noted this adorable exchange between Richie and Madden. We've had to censor it just a teensy bit, but you'll get the idea.

madden-tweet1b.jpgRichie, seeing an opportunity, quickly replied:

So that's what you're calling me now, "Life"? RT @JoelMadden Sometimes life takes a dump on youless than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

Prompting this well-aimed response from Madden:

madden-tweet2b.jpgZing! Your turn, Nicole.
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images