Nik Wallenda successfully walks across Arizona Gorge near Grand Canyon

nik-wallenda-grand-canyon-walk-arizona-gorge-2.jpg Nik Wallenda, of the infamous family of daredevils and acrobats the Flying Wallendas, took on quite a feat Sunday evening (June 23) in Arizona. He successfully walked across Arizona Gorge high above the Little Colorado River in the Navajo Tribal Park in Cameron, Ariz.

The walk took 22 minutes and was not actually at the Grand Canyon, which is a National Park and where the Discovery Channel could not get permission for Wallenda to perform his stunt.

Still, the two-inch cable spanned 1400 feet across Arizona Gorge (which is the length of over four football fields) and stood 1500 feet off the ground, which is taller than the Empire State Building.

After the walk, Wallenda told Discovery, "It was way more windy and it took every bit of me to stay focused the entire time."

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images