Nike NFL uniforms: Seahawks are most divisive so far

new-seahawks-uniform.jpgFor the first time in a decade, Nike is taking over the NFL teams uniforms design from Reebok. The new duds were unveiled at a show in New York Tuesday (April 3) and Uni-Watch was on hand to live-tweet pictures and commentary.

Paul Lukas of Uni-Watch teases, "They just showed a little video with a glimpse of the new Seahawks uni... It is SERIOUSLY ugly..."

However, on a message board someone posted the above photo and we aren't sure we'd call them "seriously ugly." We're definitely intrigued to see the other teams' uniforms. Keep checking back throughout the day for more information.

Lukas also tweeted the below photo of the wall of gloves, which is admittedly pretty awesome.


Photo/Video credit: Nike, Uni-Watch