'Nikita': Devon Sawa's Owen won't return!

Devon-Sawa.jpgShocker! If his Twitter feed is to be believed, Devon Sawa won't be returning as Owen in "Nikita!"  He tweeted, "Ah man!! What a bummer... doesn't look like I will be returning as Owen on the show Nikita. Best of luck to 'em. :("

The responses have been shock and sadness, with tweets like, "dude, no :( That sucks, that show needs some Owen! Better get to workin´ Sawa, I need to see your face! :) GOOD LUCK" and "but whyyyyy?!!! You're so pretty and manly and owen was bad ass! Pshhhh!"

Sawa seems to be taking it all in stride, tweeting, "... I did however join a barbershop quartet music group. So stay tuned for that!! ;)" He also tweeted to support the show. "Watch NIKITA tonight at 8, CW. The shows one of the best on the television right now. With out a doubt," he says.

A new episode of "Nikita" airs tonight on The CW.
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images