'Nikita': Owen could throw a wrench in the works

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Nikita4cropped.jpg"Nikita" returns this week and everyone's favorite butt kicking lady ( Maggie Q) has to rely on Owen ( Devon Sawa) to help her track down another black box from a Guardian. Unfortunately, she realizes that Owen is working for someone who could jeopardize Nikita's whole operation.

Well, what else is she going to do with Michael ( Shane West) out of town, right? Perry ( Xander Berkeley) is in an even worse situation, once Amanda ( Melinda Clarke) figures out that Alex ( Lyndsy Fonseca) got all her intel on Semak from him.

Excited about this week's episode? Drooling with anticipation? Yeah, we are too. We've got a couple of shots from "Guardians" to tide you over. Check them out below.


Photo/Video credit: The CW