Nikki Reed shares secrets of 'Breaking Dawn' wedding, dishes on wardrobe woes

nikki-reed-self-2.jpg Nikki Reed is currently basking in wedded bliss with her new husband, "American Idol's" Paul McDonald, but she admits that the highly anticipated wedding in "Breaking Dawn" was less than ideal.

"It was ice, rainy, cold, freezing, we were shooting in the night and it would get muddy," she tells Self Magazine as their December cover girl. The dresses, which she describes as "very glamorous," suffered the most.

"I just remember we developed this technique where we'd take a hair clip and clip the bottom of the huge train. That was my look the whole night -- a huge plastic sparkly hair clip with this elegant dress," she says.

As for the rest of the wardrobe, Reed says that she'd have preferred her character to have a more vintage sensibility, but the "Twilight" producers went for the newest, hippest trends.
"The Cullen family ... they don't want to stand out as much as they already do with their crazy eyes and pale skin," she says. "So I think that was a common theme when shooting, like, 'How can we make them blend in the most?' So we wore the hippest, most modern clothes."

Occasionally, she and her co-stars would try to sneak a '20s or '30s inspired item into the mix. "It did make us stick out too much," she admits.
Photo/Video credit: Self