Nina Dobrev, Chace Crawford, and more hit DirecTV's Celebrity Beach Bowl

directv-chace-crawford.jpgThe 6th annual DirecTV Celebrity Beach Bowl took place in Indianapolis today, uniting celebrities and athletes in a sandy flag-football game. Team Spike boasted Cam Newton as head coach with the legendary Joe Montana as Quarterback, and included celebs like Neil Patrick Harris, Joe Manganiello, Candice Accola, and Jordin Sparks.

Team Palladia HD (quite a name, we know) was coached by Matthew Stafford and lead by QB Warren Moon. Nina Dobrev, Snoop Dogg, Maria Menounos, and Matt Bomer were among the familiar faces who took the field.

"I really am not competitive at all. I quite frankly don't know what is going to happen or what we are playing," NPH told the Chicago Tribune. "I know it is football of some sort, but it might be flag football, touch, two-handed touch. I don't know."

Neither do we. But we sure like to look at pictures of attractive people in athletic gear, so...

directv-vamps.jpg directv-paulyd.jpg directv-maria-snoop.jpg directv-peyton.jpg

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images