'No Ordinary Family' recap: Oh, Brother

no-ordinary-family-cast-320.jpgJim's deadbeat brother Mike drops in (in the middle of the night, like a burglar) for a visit. He's a gambler who is in debt up to his eyeballs. During a guys' night out, Mike gets roughed up by a loan shark's muscle. When Jim comes to the rescue, the bad guys rough him up, too. An ordinary man would be dead, so Jim quickly admits his super powers to Mike, who then learns about the rest of the family's newbilities and visits the lair, too. It's not long before Mike sneaks JJ out of school, to use his super brain for some gambling -- at the track, which is not where I'd take a super-genius, but whatevs. When Jim finds out, he blasts Mike, but since Mike is in ten times deeper than he admits, and is about to become a father to boot, Jim softens toward him. Then the loan shark grabs Mike and tells Jim he has 24 hours to come up with the money or Mikey bites it. Jim decides taking JJ to the track is his best bet to come up with the money, and they're raking in the cash, but we have to have some moralizing, so of course they let their winnings ride all on one horse (because that's super-smart) who gets hurt. In the end, Jim tries to exchange his life for Mike's and then he and Mike fight the loan shark and his minions. Once they knock them out, they call in the cops.

Meanwhile, Global Tech is going to move Katie out of Pacific Bay and to Miami and give her her own lab. Joshua wants to go with her. He again tries to separate himself from the evil Dr. RevCam King, but Charlotte from Lost is working for King, too, and she's a shape-shifter. In construction worker form, she tries to "accidentally" kill our girl Katie. Thankfully, Stephanie zoops to the rescue. Even better, in the end, Katie decides not to go. Daphne has a story, too, and it again involves a boy. I'll hit that in the weecap, tomorrow.