'No Ordinary Family': Stephen Collins urges earlier viewers to watch again

stephen-collins-no-ordinary-family-large.jpgIf you're a TV critic or one of the lucky 50,000 fans who got a sneak peek of ABC's upcoming superhero-family drama "No Ordinary Family" online, series regular Stephen Collins encourages you to tune in again when the show makes its official TV debut on Tuesday, Sept. 28.

"I'm trying to tell people to watch the show when it airs," Collins says, "because seldom has a pilot been so pre-screened, but there are added scenes that no one has seen yet and won't see until in the pilot until it airs.

"Please watch it again, and watch it through to the very end."

Collins -- who's also doing an episode of ABC's "Brothers & Sisters," scheduled for Oct. 17 -- plays Dr. Dayton King, the boss and mentor of Stephanie Powell ( Julie Benz), the mother of a family that experienced a plane crash into water deep in the Amazon and returned with super-abilities.

Scientist Stephanie is now freakishly fast; her husband, police sketch-artist Jim ( Michael Chiklis) has incredible strength; daughter Daphne ( Kay Panabaker) can hear thoughts; and son JJ ( Jimmy Bennett) has overcome his learning disabilities and then some.

According to an email from the office of executive producer Greg Berlanti, "We did recast Daphne's boyfriend and reshoot that, and there is the addition of the character of the Watcher, with a scene that will link him into the series. There are some other minor insert fixes."

"I was talking to Greg Berlanti the other day," Collins says, "and saying, 'I hope you're getting the word out that people should watch it again, because critics have seen it.' God, there are so many shows that critics have to watch, if they feel they've seen a pilot, they're not going to watch it again.

"That's why I'm trying to urge them to do so, because it's a very different experience."

Of course, Collins does not know everything about what's coming up, including when Dr. King might get clued in to the mysterious change in his employee.

"How he gets led to it," Collins says, "it's really interesting. Truly, I can't wait to find out myself where it's going."

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Photo credits: ABC