Northampton Clown terrorizes British town with Stephen King prank

As if clowns weren't scary enough, there's one in the British town of Northampton who is going out of its way to frighten people. The Northampton Clown is an anonymous man who dresses like Pennywise from Stephen King's "It" and just stands around, looking creepy.

The prank began on Friday the 13th, which is when the clown's Facebook page started. That's right, the Northampton Clown has a social media presence. On it, he shares pictures from his nights on the town and dispels rumors, like assuring citizens he doesn't carry a knife. It seems he just wants to have a little innocent, yet terrifying, fun.

The clown might not have long to carry out his campaign of being spooky though, as a superhero has also taken to the streets. Boris the Northampton Clown Catcher has appeared on the streets, and naturally launched his own Facebook page, saying he will keep the people safe and track down the clown.

There must really be a lot of downtime in Northampton.
Photo/Video credit: Facebook