Novak Djokovic on '60 Minutes': '[The war] made us tougher ... more hungry for the success'

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The current top-ranked tennis player in the world, Novak Djokovic rose from war-torn beginnings, which he tells "60 Minutes" were what pushed him so hard to succeed at the sport for which he has become famous.

In his feature airing Sunday night (March 25), Djokovic takes interviewer Bob Simon into the basement of his grandfather's apartment in Belgrade, Serbia, where he and his family stayed for hours each night during the 1999 NATO bombing of the city.

"But the best thing about it...I always try to remember those days in a positive, in a very bright way...We didn't need to go to school and we played more tennis," says Djokovic. "[The war] made us tougher. It made us more hungry, more hungry for the success."

"When I finished the match [at Wimbledon], when I ate the piece of grass, I had the flashback of my whole childhood, what I've been through," Djokovic says. "Memories, the first tennis courts that I grew up on...the days spent in Belgrade. And it was beautiful."

Djokovic's profile airs Sunday, March 25 on "60 Minutes" at 7 p.m. ET/PT on CBS, though the start of the show will be pushed back in the Eastern and Central timezones due to the NCAA men's basketball tournament.
Photo/Video credit: CBS