'Nurse Jackie' recap: Dr. Cooper Is Useless

edie-falco-nurse-jackie.jpgJackie's now a week clean, and finding reality not-so-awesome. Grace wants to go on pediatric Xanax, which sounds like a great plan -- since she's, you know, nuts -- except for how her mom is a huge drug addict, and this is a shortcut to getting there. Jackie takes it pretty hard, and Eleanor and Eddie commiserate with her about this latest thing; eventually Eleanor gets it taken care of.

The HR situation escalates; Jackie can't administer meds for some reason having to do with Gloria wanting to do damage control. Jackie is totally ashamed, which is nice to see, but probably won't last; it only takes about three seconds for her to figure out Eleanor was the one who told Gloria about her drug issues.

Zoey and Thor -- who's gotten his braces off! -- spend the day abusing the hospital's doctors in the name of flu shots, but it's a serious reprimand from O'Hara that breaks Zoey's brain for good. She starts flirting with this monkey-obsessed do-gooder who's pretty cute, in a fivehead way, but is no Lenny, and then Lenny gets involved and they sort of fight.