Octomom Nadya Suleman books stripping gigs in Florida

nadya-suleman-octomom-porno-pic.jpg Nadya Suleman, mother to multiples turned wanna-be porn star, has booked her first performance dates at a Florida strip club.

She'll be doing two shows a night from July 11-15 at the West Palm Beach, Fla., strip club T's lounge. But don't jump to conclusions -- Suleman won't be baring all. She'll only be going topless and, sorry boys, no lap dances.

A source tells TMZ that Suleman feels "sexually liberated" since filming her solo pron film and thought a strip club tour would be a fab way to promote the movie.

On Tuesday (June 6), a still image from the set of her self-pleasure vid leaked online (above). In it, she's posed in a black bikini with gold chain straps on an immaculate white leather couch that is clearly not in her hoarder house.
Photo/Video credit: Jessica Drake/Twitter