Octomom Nadya Suleman on 'Oprah': Calls self a 'carnival attraction'

nadya-suleman-wireimage.jpgOctomom Nadya Suleman, mother of 14 children, eight of which she had through in-vitro fertilization after already having had six children, appears on "The Oprah Winfrey Show" Tuesday, April 20.

She was invited to be on "Oprah" after sending the media mogul a letter that read, "Thus far, the media has depicted a completely false picture of who I am. The trial I've been put through has forced me to see my true self--something I have avoided most of my life."

Suleman tells Oprah in the interview, "That's exactly what Octomom is: a carnival attraction," she says. "I'm not a celebrity. I'm a pseudo-celebrity catapulted into this big media mess. Did I want it? No. Was I in denial thinking that it wouldn't happen? Yes."