OJ Simpson: Beaten in prison? Prison denies rumors of race-fueled attack

sad-oj-simpson-getty.jpgWhen the National Inquirer reported that O.J. Simpson was "beaten unconscious in a brutal prison yard attack," our first reaction was "O.J. Simpson is in prison?" (It's amazing how a guy can fall off the pop culture radar when he's safely behind bars.)

Allegedly, a former business partner of Simpson's, Bruce Fromong, said that The Juice was bragging about sexual conquests with white women when the wrong guys overheard. The report claimed that the 63-year-old was so "messed up mentally" by the fight, which was allegedly started by white supremacists, that he couldn't leave his cell.

Here's the thing, though... the report is false. A Nevada Correctional Facility spokesperson says Simpson is doing just fine... or as fine as you can be when you're a 63-year-old in prison. We're working on mustering up some sympathy... and working on it... and working on it...
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images