Olivia Black suing 'Pawn Stars' over nude photo firing

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olivia-black-nude-photo-pawn-stars-lawsuit-suing.jpgModel Olivia Black was hired as a new cast member on "Pawn Stars" back in 2011, where she quickly became a fan favorite working the night shift with Austin "Chumlee" Russell. However, she was fired from the show when some nude photos from her past were found online at Suicide Girls, Now Black is suing production company Leftfield Pictures for discrimination.

Black and her representatives state in a press release, "This intolerance for online nude photos seems to be only subjected to female television personalities, and because of that Olivia's has been advised to sue Leftfield Pictures for this discrimination.

"Since the show, Olivia has moved on and is now gearing up for a national tour for her fans which will include photo ops, autograph sessions, and night club appearances. She is also in the beginning process of her own reality show."

A rep for Black tells Zap2it, "Olivia has missed seeing her fans from Pawn Stars as much as they've missed seeing her. Her firing was abrupt and unfortunate and I think the public deserves more answers. Olivia is ready to address this situation and she will still be moving forward with her national tour."

The History Channel has no comment at this time.
Photo/Video credit: Jana Cruder