Olivia Wilde is haunted by the Jonas Brothers

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Imagine moving into a new house and discovering it is haunted. Now, imagine it being haunted by the Jonas Brothers.

Sounds like a dream come true for many of the JoBros tween fans. Not so much for Olivia Wilde.

The "Cowboys & Aliens" star recently moved into a new house previously owned by the brothers and discovered they had left behind some valuables.

"They did leave behind some life-size cardboard cut-outs of themselves in the garage," she tells Jimmy Kimmel. "I didn't even have to pay extra. So now they live in the house."

Wilde stopped by "Jimmy Kimmel Live" Wednesday (July 27) night and shared that her roommate likes to have a little fun with their bonus Jonases. The actress claims she will sometimes wake up with Joe Jonas' cut-out standing over her. Now that has to be comforting. They're practically guardian angels. Always watching.

"We blame the Jonas Brothers for the lack of action in our house. It's the 'No sex hex,'"

Photo/Video credit: YouTube/Getty Images