Olivia Wilde on Justin Timberlake rumors: 'We are just friends'

justin-timberlake-olivia-wilde.jpg Olivia Wilde wants to assure the world that she and Justin Timberlake are not an item - ya know, right up until we hear from their reps that they are an item. But anyway ...

Monday (April 4) the interwebs were abuzz because Olivia and JT were seen canoodling at the famed Roxbury nightclub in Los Angeles over the weekend. One source said they looked to be on a date. Another source said they are just friends, have been since they worked on "Alpha Dog" together.

It looks like Wilde is backing source no. 2, as she tweets, "Cool it, honeybadgers. We are just friends and have been for years."

Sure - a guy and a girl who are that ridiculously attractive can totally be just friends. "When Harry Met Sally" taught us that. Also, what's a "honeybadger"? And how do we become one of Olivia Wilde's honeybadgers?

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images