Olympics 2014: Closing ceremony dancers re-create failed ring in Sochi

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Russia closed out the 2014 Winter Olympics with a joke that poked fun at the logistical mistakes of the Sochi games. During the closing ceremony, dancers portraying the Olympics rings re-enacted the failed, closed ring from the opening ceremony.

This time, however, the ring opened after just a short pause.

2014-winter-olympics-closing-ceremony-ring-fail-gi-2.jpgThe joke is especially fitting considering that that Olympics in Sochi ended up running with only minor mishaps after what seemed like a disastrous start. From unfinished hotels to strangely colored water to an electric Olympic ring that failed to transform from a snowflake, the early days of these Winter Olympics kind of looked doomed.

Then the sports began.

It turned out to be an especially good games for host-country Russia. Despite being shut out of medal contention in hockey, Russia excelled elsewhere and ended the Olympics in first place for total medals earned. This Olympics host earned a total of 33 medals, beating out the United States (28), Norway (26), Canada (25) and the Netherlands.

After that, it's fair to say that Russia earned the right to joke about its earlier failings during the Olympics closing ceremony.

The final Olympics broadcast in the US will air Sunday (Feb 23) at 8 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images, CBC