Olympics 2014 GIFs: Opening ceremony, amazing luge save and more

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2014-winter-olympics-opening-ceremony.jpgIt's time to officially kick off the 2014 Winter Olympics when the opening ceremony lights the Olympic torch. But competitions actually started Thursday (Feb. 6), which means we already have awesome GIFs for you to feast your eyes on.

The spills:

There have already been many, many wipeouts, particularly on the moguls course, which is giving athletes quite a challenge. The GIFs here include Shiva Keshavan, a luger from India who makes an amazing save after spilling off of his sled while hurtling down the luge track. Below are a couple snowboarding and skiing wipeouts, but never fear -- Norway's Kjersti Buaas (top) and Hedvig Wessel (bottom) both walked away from their spills relatively unscathed.

2014-winter-olympics-luge-save-shiva-keshavan.gif 2014-winter-olympics-snowboarding-crash-kjersti-buaas.gif
The thrills:

The U.S. didn't get off to a very auspicious start in the team figure skating competition, but that doesn't mean other countries were the same way. Below, Russian pairs skaters Tatyana Volosozhar and Maksim Trankov show off their high-flying skills. They finished a full 10 points ahead of second place in the team short program portion.

Below the pair is Japanese skater Yuzuru Hanyu landing a quad jump, which is no easy feat. Hanyu skated to first place in the men's short program, edging out hometown hero Yevgeny Plushenko by six points.

2014-winter-olympics-russia-pairs-figure-skating-twist.gif 2014-winter-olympics-russia-pair-figure-skating-throw.gif
The frills:

The opening ceremony was full of highlights, like crazy acrobatics and impressive tableaus.  Here are a few GIFs of the spectacles. We have got to get one of those bouncy things.

bouncey-guy-winter-olympics-opening-ceremony-2014.gif winter-olympics-opening-ceremony-girl.gif 2014-winter-olympics-horses-opening-ceremony.gif
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images