Olympics 2014: Is figure skater Adelina Sotnikova really an 'Orphan Black' clone?

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At the 2014 Winter Olympics, Russian Adelina Sotnikova dominated the women's figure-skating competition and won the gold medal. But could this Olympian be hiding a sinister, TV-related secret? Could she be ... one of the clones from "Orphan Black"?!

Think about it. When Sotnikova stepped out on the ice earlier in the Sochi games, didn't you think, "Wow, that Russian teenager looks awfully familiar!"? She hasn't been on the world stage much before this, so why would that be?

The answer lies with "Orphan Black." It could be that Sotnikova is one of the clones from that show!

Now, this isn't to say that actress Tatiana Maslany definitely plays Sotnikova at the Olympics. The woman can successfully portray half a dozen roles in "Orphan Black," sure. Audiences haven't seen much evidence of ice-skating ability though.

But didn't Alison Hendrix take her kids to skating lessons in one episode?!

Thus far on "Orphan Black," serial killer Helena is the only clone seen from anywhere near Russia, and she is actually from the Ukraine. Surely the conspiracy that scattered the clones throughout the world would have had a Russian or two in the mix. Sotnikova could be that Russian.

orphan-black-helena-tatiana-maslany-bbc-america.jpgFinally, photos don't lie. This young woman bears a striking resemblance to the clones of "Orphan Black." Sotnikova may be more than an Olympics gold medalist -- she might also be a member of the Clone Club.

Photo/Video credit: BBC America, Getty Images