Olympics 2014: Watch Russian police sing 'Get Lucky' at Sochi Games opening ceremony

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russian-police-get-lucky-video-gi.jpgThe 2014 Winter Olympics are officially underway with the completion of the Sochi Games opening ceremony on Friday (Feb. 7).

The kickoff of the Games was a technological marvel celebrating the rich 1,000 year history of Russia, culminating with a truly epic lighting of the Olympic cauldron. There were blunders, sure -- and there's been more trouble in the lead-up to these games than anyone anticipated -- but it was an ambitious ceremony that seemed to have paid off in dividends

One thing missing from the NBC's edited broadcast of the ceremony, however? The truly random performance of Daft Punk's "Get Lucky" by members of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs choir. Don't let yourself be denied the wonder. Check it out below:

Photo/Video credit: NBC, Getty Images