'Once Upon a Time' adds Eric Lange: 5 more 'Lost' alums the show should consider

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eric-lange-richard-schiff-once-upon-a-time.jpgThe parallels between "Once Upon a Time" and "Lost" are many: Both are set in a magical, mysterious location; there is a similar storytelling format using both present-day actions and flashbacks; and there are several actors in common. It's no wonder, with "OUAT" co-creators Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis having executive produced "Lost" for several seasons.

Now the Storybrooke/Fairytale Land universe is gaining another "Lost" face in the form of Eric Lange. E! Online reports that Lange has been cast as the young Prince Leopold, the man who will grow up to be King Leopold, Snow White's father -- kudos on the resemblance between Lange and Richard Schiff (above), who plays the older Leopold.

Lange was a part of "Lost's" fifth season as Stuart Radzinsky, the DHARMA Initiative's head of research at the Flame station. He becomes the fifth "Lostie" to appear on "Once Upon a Time," along with Emilie de Ravin, Jorge Garcia, Alan Dale and Rebecca Mader (who starts on the show as the Wicked Witch of the West when it returns in March).

Here are five more "Losties" we'd like to see in Storybrooke:

Elizabeth Mitchell as Glinda the Good Witch, "The Wizard of Oz"

With the introduction of the Wicked Witch, it seems only right that eventually we might meet her Oz counterpart in Storybrooke or in flashbacks. Ethereal Mitchell, with her quiet, lilting voice is perfect.

elizabeth-mitchell-glinda-once-upon-a-time.jpg Harold Perrineau as Doctor Facilier, "The Princess and the Frog"

This sly witch doctor would make a fun villain in Storybrooke -- which could actually use a new infusion of evil. The animator has said he saw Facilier as a "love child" of his favorite Disney villains, Captain Hook and Cruella de Vil, which is something "OUAT" could actually make happen.

Fionnula Flanagan as Cruella de Vil, "101 Dalmatians"

Speaking of Cruella de Vil, don't you think Eloise Hawking would be marvelous as the iconic Disney villain? We think she'd give Regina a run for her money.

fionnula-flanagan-cruella-de-vil-once-upon-a-time.jpg Michael Emerson as the Wizard, "The Wizard of Oz"

This one would be a bit of a re-imagining from the 1939 movie version of the Wizard, but it'd be terrific to see a darker, quietly intense Wizard, rather than one that is more like a carnival barker. And yes, we know Emerson is on another show. So are several of these people. Just go with it.

michael-emerson-the-wizard-of-oz-once-upon-a-time.jpg Terry O'Quinn as Merlin, "The Sword in the Stone"

This one is also a bit outside-the-box. We certainly don't want O'Quinn to sport a waist-length beard and be a rather silly, bumbling wizard. But as an all-powerful wizard whose loyalties remain a mystery? Sounds amazing.

merlin-terry-oquinn-once-upon-a-time.jpgWhat do you think of our choices, fans?
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images, Disney, MGM