'Once Upon a Time' EP's Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis talk Henry's heart, Peter Pan's plan, Neal's fate, and more


The end of the "Once Upon a Time" Season 3 premiere set up a huge shocker: Peter Pan lured Henry to Neverland because he wants Henry's heart ... the heart of the truest believer. What on earth does he want Henry's heart for, and should we be worried about Henry's life?

"OUAT" executive producers Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis discussed Sunday (Oct. 6) night's all-new episode, "The Lost Girl," with Zap2it, and revealed that Pan's plan for Henry is the big arc of Season 3's first 11 episodes. "What we didn't want was a villain that just wants world domination. What we wanted was someone that had a really character-based motivation for why belief was important to him and why the truest believer was important to him," Horowitz says. "That's the story we're going to unfurl in these next 11 episodes. He wants that heart and there's something in these games that he's playing that's all tying in to his ultimate goal."

As for Pan's army, Kitsis reveals that the Storybrooke gang will find themselves in a difficult position when it comes to fighting the Lost Boys. "The Lost Boys have a bit of 'The Lord of the Flies' situation going on," Kitsis says. "It is tough because no one wants to kill children but they do want to get Henry back and this is their villain. That is a challenge but we have a very clever group. And we don't kill people unless it's been earned. With Greg and Tamara we think it was earned. They believed in something without thinking about it."

Greg and Tamara are no longer a threat, but there is something else threatening the Storybrooke gang besides Pan and the Lost Boys: the group's issues with each other. "For Snow and Charming, they realize in this moment that their daughter doesn't really look to them for parental guidance and that's something that's hard to get," Kitsis says. "They're realizing in a lot of ways that they have to earn it. What is hard for the Charmings is they realize their daughter grew up without hope and they have to instill it back in her. And how do you do that when your son is kidnapped and you're in a place that's making you confront your past? Because she has more in common with the Lost Boys than she does with Snow and Charming." That connection will be explored in great deal in Sunday's episode, and will have major repercussions throughout the rest of Season 3.

Emma may be struggling with her feelings about her parents, but the one thing she is sure of is that she is a mother that will stop at nothing to save her son -- which is a stark contrast to Season 3's opening scene of Emma giving birth to Henry, only to give him up for adoption right away. "In a lot of ways for us it showed her growth. It showed how far she came and what a hard decision it was for her," Kitsis says.

Horowitz continues: "It was also seeing baby Henry at the start and now he's 11. That scene was exciting for us."

"And I've always wondered how he got adopted. So I hope we tell that," Kitsis jokingly adds.

Something we won't be seeing in episode 2 is the next chapter of Neal's story as he tries to get to Emma in Neverland, but that will be explored in later episodes ... especially because the rest of the group thinks he is dead. "What Rumple doesn't realize is that his son is in his house with Robin Hood," Kitsis says. "Neal is very important to many characters on the show who are behaving in certain ways because they are operating under the knowledge that he is dead. Episode 3 is going to show where that's headed and Neal is, come hell or high water, going come back to Neverland."

"But there's more of a wrinkle to their story and we'll delve into that," Horowitz teases.

What other famous characters will we be encountering this season on "OUAT?" Along with Ariel, Prince Eric, and even Ursula, the EP's revealed a Peter Pan-centric character. "We're going to be seeing Tinkerbell very soon, in the next episode," Horowitz says. "Like all characters we try to bring into the 'Once' fold, we try to have a spin on it that might be a little different from what you expect. And also there's a connection to some of our characters that you've already met. And as for the Darlings, they are so integral to the Pan story that we haven't forgotten about them."

"Once Upon a Time" airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

Photo/Video credit: ABC