'Once Upon a Time': Sebastian Stan returns, Lancelot appears and more

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once-upon-a-time-road-out-of-town.jpgABC has released new pictures and details for the upcoming next three episodes of "Once Upon a Time" and boy, does it have us excited. Check out our photo gallery for all the Season 2 pictures

We already know about episode 2, titled "We Are Both." Barbara Hershey is back as Regina's mother and the seven dwarves seek to find out what happens when you try to leave Storybrooke. It looks from the above picture like they aren't the only ones trying to get out of town.

In the description for episode 3, titled "Lady of the Lake," which airs Sunday, Oct. 14, it says:

Emma and Mary Margaret, with the aid of Mulan, Aurora and brave knight Lancelot, attempt to find a portal that will bring them back to Storybrooke. But a dark force threatens their safe return. And Henry tries to talk Jefferson into reuniting with his daughter. Meanwhile, back in the fairytale land that was, on the eve of meeting Prince Charming's mother, King George poisons Snow White, and the only antidote lies within the waters of the Lady of the Lake.

Your first peek at Lancelot is below, he is played by Sinqua Walls, previously of "Teen Wolf" and "Friday Night Lights." King George is also back, both in Fairytale Land and Storybrooke -- it looks as though he is watching his son and great-grandson play sword fight in the below pictures. We cut them together that way because it's what we think is happening, but we can't say for sure.

And the fourth episode of the season is titled "The Crocodile," and while we don't have pictorial proof yet, we would have to imagine this is the one where Captain Hook makes his first appearance. The description reads:

Belle's disgust over Mr. Gold's continuing thirst for power comes to a head, and she threatens to leave him if he can't change his evil ways; the dwarves pick up their axes and try to find fairy dust in the Storybrooke mine; and a reunion with an old acquaintance could prove to be Belle's undoing. Meanwhile, back in the fairytale land that was, Rumplestiltskin attempts to save his wife, Milah, from being kidnapped by a band of cutthroat pirates.

What do you think, "OUAT" fans? Lots to get excited about!


Photo/Video credit: ABC