'Once Upon a Time': 'Tiny' pictures and 'Manhattan' details

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once-upon-a-time-cassidy-freeman-jorge-garcia.jpgThere are new pictures and details about "Once Upon a Time" when it returns from its mini-hiatus on Feb. 10. The first episode back is called "Tiny" and sees the Giant ( Jorge Garcia) coming to Storybrooke.

The Giant, named Anton, has been kidnapped by Cora and unleashes vengeance on the town because a case of mistaken identity has him thinking he has a score to settle with David. Meanwhile, Mr. Gold heads for the airport to set off on his search for Bae, taking Emma and Henry with him. And Greg, the stranger who hit Hook with his car, questions Belle about what happened that night.

Meanwhile, in Fairytale Land, Anton descends the beanstalk in order to make friends, but it doesn't exactly have the desired results. Cassidy Freeman (pictured above) guest stars as "Jack."

Then on Feb. 17, episode "Manhattan" sees Mr. Gold, Emma and Henry in New York City, while Cora, Regina and Hook work together back in Storybrooke to hunt down one of Rumpelstiltskin's most treasured possessions.

And in Fairytale Land, Rumpel discovers his destiny.

Check out all the Season 2 pictures in our photo gallery.

once-upon-a-time-david-giant-ship.jpg once-upon-a-time-storybrooke-tiny.jpg
Photo/Video credit: ABC