'Once Upon a Time's' Emma Swan: 'Fairytale characters in grown-up situations'

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"Once Upon a Time" is the new ABC drama based on Grimm's fairytales (among other fanciful stories), where the characters from fairytale land are trapped in Storybrooke, Maine. Jennifer Morrison is Emma Swan, the real-world heroine brought to Storybrooke by Henry, the son she gave up for adoption.

"I play Emma Swan. Emma is sort of dragged to Storybrooke, Maine," says Morrison. "The town itself has so many mysteries and so many things to unlock. And now you have this woman living in the town that has so many deep, dark secrets."

"People think fairytales are for kids. But this is fairytale characters in grown-up situations," she continues.

"Once Upon a Time" premieres Sunday night, Oct. 23 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.
Photo/Video credit: ABC