One Direction makeup line: Harry Styles will love how your little girl's lips smell

Little girls everywhere can soon buy lip gloss that makes their lips smell like their fave One Direction boy's favorite flavor. 1D has teamed with MUA Cosmetics to release a makeup line called "Little Things," after the band's 2012 hit single of the same name.

The cosmetics line, modeled after Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan and Liam Payne's fave colors and flavors, includes five lipsticks, five shades of nail polish that come with attached guitar picks -- each emblazoned with a different 1D face, three "What Makes You Beautiful" cheek tints, and five "Kiss You" lip polishes that promise to give wearers "super soft lips that smell good enough to eat" -- by the boys of One Direction. The lip polish shades are:

  • Harry Loves Strawberry
  • Zayn Loves Watermelon
  • Louis Loves Vanilla
  • Niall Loves Cherry
  • Liam Loves Blueberry

MUA says the products will cost under $5 (USD) each and will be available soon on the company's website and in select UK drugstores. Would you let your daughter buy this makeup?

Photo/Video credit: MUA Cosmetics