'One Life to Live' airs first gay sex scene. World does not end.

Here we are on the cusp of the second decade of the 21st century. Daytime soap operas find themselves scrambling to survive. Radical measures are being employed to stay alive. Picking up and moving the whole "All My Children" production from New York to Los Angeles after nearly 40 years? Check. Casting bona fide movie star James Franco on "General Hospital"? Got it. Airing the first daytime gay sex scene on "One Life to Live"? Covered.

On Wednesday (Dec. 30), the ABC soap "OLTL" broke that same sex barrier usually watered down to a chaste kiss here and there when Oliver "Fish" ( Scott "younger-brother-of-Chris" Evans) and Kyle ( Brett Claywell), a.k.a. Kish, spent nearly two-and-a-half minutes getting busy.

While soap opera sex scenes are par so for the course when it comes to straight couples, this is definitely a noteworthy scene as far as same-sex relationships go not only on soaps but network television at large.

A spokesperson for ABC says that the Logo network-owned site AfterElton.com live-blogged the episode and received over 200 reader comments, some of the highest volume ever.

Not surprisingly, the reaction was entirely positive:

That was freaking amazing. That was more than I ever thought we would see, it was more than we have ever seen on network TV, even more than anything we have seen with ["Brothers & Sisters"] Kevin and Scotty. The bar for honest and equal depictions of gay male sexuality on network TV has just been set very, very high.

Thank you OLTL, ABC, and Kyle & Scott. That was unbelievable. I still cannot even believe I just saw that. The best part is my grandmother watches OLTL. I wonder what the heck she thought of what those boys were doing on her TV. Ha! -- joeyhegele


This is one of those moments in life that you wait forever for. And then when it finally happens, the memory and the beauty of it lasts a lifetime. To see two men love each other on daytime television is further affirmation that it is okay to be Gay, it is okay to love and be proud of that love with someone regardless of their or your gender. -- Ginelle


today is an historic moment in TV history and in gay history....I feel excited and proud to be able to share it with so many wonderful people. -- maskbear55


I'm glad we will be able to see Kyle and Oliver make love.  It shows that the U.S. is catching up with the rest of the world. -- Natalie


I'm really impressed that ABC did this.  They treated the storyline just like any other couple.  Admittedly they did not do the whole love scene, but I was not expecting that.  ABC showed way more than I expected. -- csc68

Wait. Is this the same network that got so bent out of shape over the spontaneous Adam Lambert boy-on-boy action at the American Music Awards?

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