'One Tree Hill' says goodbye: Ten first kisses we'll never forget

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On Wednesday, "One Tree Hill" will say goodbye with a two-hour finale event. We'll see the return of old friends ( Bevin! Gavin DeGraw!) and even take a peek into the future. Before we do that, though, we're looking back on some of our favorite moments from the past. Check out ten unforgettable first kisses below!

lucas-peyton-first-kiss-oth.jpg Lucas & Peyton's first kiss: Episode 107, "Life in a Glass House"
Luke and Peyton's relationship didn't kick off in the most romantic way ever. Though he'd been pining for her for years, their first kiss came during a game of Truth or Dare. A drunk, jealous Brooke childishly dared Peyton to kiss Lucas -- and she did, before storming off. Later that night they picked up where they left off, but just before they were about to hook up, Lucas professed his love for Peyton... buzz kill. [ Video]

naley-first-kiss.jpg Nathan & Haley's first kiss: Episode 108, "The Search for Something More"
Nathan goes to Haley's house the night after their disastrous first date to apologize for blowing her off in front of his friends. After she gives him a piece of her mind -- the first of many, many to  come -- he interrupts her with a kiss, set to Switchfoot's "Dare You to Move." A few short months later, they were married. [ Video]

keith-karen-first-kiss-oth.jpg Keith & Karen's first kiss: Episode 108, "The Search for Something More"
After years of being her best friend and greatest support, Keith finally got a break when Karen left for Italy early in Season 1... and kissed him at the airport, trusting her instincts.

lucas-brooke-first-kiss-oth.jpg Lucas & Brooke's first kiss: Episode 109, "With Arms Outstretched"
Brooke drags Lucas out for a night of B. Davis "fun," complete with fake I.D.s and bonding over "Weird Science." After a few drinks, Brooke shows Lucas her well-placed tattoo... and, naturally, the making out begins. [ Video]

jeyton-first-kiss.jpg Jake & Peyton's first kiss: Episode 214, "Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows"
Though there was tension between them from the middle of Season 1, it took until Season 2 for Jake and Peyton to finally lock lips. Peyton was going through a dark time, so Jake came back and stayed at Peyton's house. Even his daughter Jenny approved of their first kiss. [ Video]

lucas-peyton-first-kiss-2.jpg Lucas & Peyton's first kiss post-Brooke breakup: Episode 409, "Some You Give Away"
After the angst of Season 3, the Ravens deserved the State Championship win -- and Lucas and Peyton deserved to finally be together. As confetti rained down on them, he told her that he wanted her beside him when all his dreams come true, and fans were treated to some cute Season 1 callbacks before they finally kissed. Awwww. [ Video]

bevin-rachel-first-kiss.jpg Rachel & Bevin's only kiss: Episode 413, "Pictures of You"
In one of the most powerful episodes of the series, we got a little insight into each of the characters' insecurities -- including the ever-arrogant Rachel. Luckily, Bevin's airheadedness was around to bring a little levity to the situation. [ Video]

mia-chase-first-kiss-oth.jpg Chase & Mia's first kiss: Episode 615, "A Hand to Take Hold of the Scene"
Chase didn't become a series regular until Season 8, but by the time he and Mia shared their first kiss, he already had a pretty regular place in our hearts. He and Mia connected while talking about their hopes for the future, and she shared her "Manhattan From the Sky" metaphor with him. He hesitated to kiss her, but eventually he got the idea. [ Video]

brulian-first-kiss-oth.jpg Brooke & Julian's first kiss: Episode 615, "A Hand to Take Hold of the Scene"
On a non-date at Brooke's house, Brooke and Julian discuss just how inappropriate it would be for them to date. After all, he's got history with Peyton, they're working together on his movie, and they don't need to further complicate their lives. Needless to say... they decide to further complicate their lives. [ Video]

clinn-first-kiss-oth.jpg Quinn & Clay's first kiss: Episode 709, "Now You Lift Your Eyes to the Sun"
From the first time we met them, fans knew Clay and Quinn were meant for each other, but it took them a little longer to come around to the idea -- particularly because both of them had some pretty significant baggage on board. After confiding in each other about their fears, they cast them off. [ Video]

Tune in to The CW at 8 p.m. EST on Wednesday to say goodbye to "One Tree Hill," one last time.

Photo/Video credit: Warner Bros. via http://onetreehill.wikia.com