'One Tree Hill' star Robert Buckley cast in 'Holding Patterns'

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robert-buckley-cw-320.jpgAfter the cancellation of ABC's spooky soap "666 Park Avenue," series star Robert Buckley is moving on -- to NBC. The "One Tree Hill" fan favorite is leaving the melodrama behind in favor of comedy. He's been cast in NBC's "Holding Patterns" comedy pilot.

"Holding Patterns," from a "The Office" writer Justin Spitzer, is an ensemble multi-camera comedy about a group of friends whose lives change after they survive a plane crash. Buckley plays Chad, an arrogant d-bag who is also a successful author of romance novels for women.

"Holding Patterns" also stars "Grey's Anatomy's" dearly departed Chyler Leigh and British actor Humphrey Ker as the couple whose wedding is the reason for the plane ride.

Buckley's casting was first reported by Deadline.
Photo/Video credit: The CW