'One Tree Hill' star Robert Buckley tweets through 'Learning to Fail'

robert-buckley-cw-320.jpgFans of "One Tree Hill" got a special treat with Monday's (May 3) episode "Learning to Fail." As part of The CW Tweet Week, star Robert Buckley signed on to do a "tweet-a-thon" during the East Coast airing to answer fans' questions and give us some behind-the-scenes info.

Of course, there's one thing on every fan's mind: Will this be the show's final season? Buckley is waiting for answers himself. "I have ZERO clue about season 8. I'm hopeful that we will return but until they make an announcement, nothing's ever a done deal," he writes. An official announcement about next year's "One Tree Hill" status is expected from The CW on or before May 20.

During the episode, Buckley's character Clay deals with an extremely persistent stalker, Katie ( Amanda Schull), who happens to be the spitting image of his dead wife, Sara. Katie is hardly the first crazy creepster on "One Tree Hill"; we've seen a crazy nanny, a crazy basketball groupie, a crazy fake biological brother, and a crazy-adorable singer-songwriter in a Batman costume, to name a few. "What can I say? Tree Hill is like the mecca of chemically imbalanced psychos," Buckley tweets.

That's not to say it's not fun. "My favorite part of this episode... hmm, probably my scenes with Amanda (psycho!) and Shantel [Vansanten] (Quinn). We always manage to have a good time, and to Amanda Schull's credit, she's one of the sweetest people I've ever met/worked with. But man, does she play a great psycho, right?"

Buckley also commented on his other co-stars, 9-year-old Jackson Brundage and his on-screen dad James Lafferty. According to Buckley, working with the duo is "AWESOME. James and I are good buddies so it was always comfortable..meaning one and/or both of us was goofing off. And Jack... well that little man is hands down the coolest guy on the show. Always in a good mood and ready for a dance off."

Lafferty and Buckley have such a good time working together that they joined forces even on their time off from "One Tree Hill." "I shot an Indie Western film, 'The Legend of Hell's Gate' (with none other than James Lafferty) that should be out later this year," tweets Buckley. "[It was] without question one of the best experiences of my life, professionally and personally. We basically got paid to do what we did as kids - pretend we're cowboys and get dirty. Best. Job. Ever."

Fans learned a few fun facts about the episode during the Twitter session. Buckley noted that a photograph taken by Vansanten's character, which plays a pivotal role in the episode, was "actually taken by our set photographer randomly one day and it ended up being used in the show. Crazy, right?" He also shared that one of the episode's more frightening scenes involving psycho Katie was intended to be even more nerve-wracking. "The phone scene was originally even more creepy ... wonder if it will make the deleted scenes on the DVDs," he muses.

Though Buckley had a great time chatting with fans, Twitter doesn't seem to be his preferred method of communication. "Does anyone else hate this 140 character limit?" he complained. "What is that about? I feel like I'm texting on Verizon."

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