'One Tree Hill's' Sophia Bush talks Gulf Oil Disaster: BP has 'declared martial law'

sophia-bush-ktla.jpg "One Tree Hill" star and environmental activist Sophia Bush continued her green energy crusade on the KTLA morning show on Tuesday, July 29.

Bush, who shared her stories and photos from the Gulf Oil Disaster with Zap2it, is a dedicated environmentalist, or, as she says, a "greenie."

"I was really, really traumatized when I started seeing images coming from the Gulf and had a great hunch that we really weren't getting the information as to how bad the situation was," she told the KTLA news team. As Bush told us, she and her boyfriend and co-star Austin Nichols took a trip to Grand Isle with environmental group Global Green to see the damage.

She drops the shocking news that the hundreds of gallons of dispersant that is being put into the water to break up the oil is actually highly toxic. "It is not actually legal for use in Europe, but they're using it here."

Zap2it caught up with Sophia in the greenroom backstage before she went on camera, and she explained that while the fish and dolphins can recognize a giant oil slick enough to stay away from it, once the dispersant breaks up the oil particles, they swim right through it, essentially poisoning themselves.

After her trip, Bush is more sure than ever that the disaster is cause for extreme alarm. "This is a crisis," she tells us backstage. "Like, Ebola outbreak in Washington D.C., crisis."