'Only in America': Larry the Cable Guy is sleeve-free and at large

larry-cable-guy-roast-gi.jpgIf you ever wondered what moonshine had to do with NASCAR (which means you're not from the South or didn't watch History's version of "Top Gear"), what it's like to race frogs, learn proper table etiquette from the family of the woman who codified it, pan for gold (which means you haven't watched "Sarah Palin's Alaska" on TLC, or "Gold Rush Alaska" on Discovery Channel) or pee in the weightless vacuum of space, then History's "Only in America With Larry the Cable Guy" is the show for you.

Starting on Tuesday, Feb. 8, the frequently sleeveless stand-up comedian (real name Dan Whitney) and member of the Blue Collar Comedy Tour answers these burning questions and more as he tours his beloved native land to look at the wonderful, the weird, the impressive and the just plain odd of these United States, from crawfishing in Louisiana to dog sledding in Minnesota to dodging kicks at Mule Day in Tennessee.

During his whirlwind promotional tour, Larry took a few minutes to answer some email questions about his adventures.

Zap2it: Where did the idea for this show originate?

Larry: I know it sounds weird, Larry the Cable Guy on History? That's like Charlie Sheen doin' commercials for eharmony.com! But History wanted to find a Brad Pitt-type/David Beckam...ish person that would not only draw attention with looks and bring ratings to their show from smiling women, but in the process will celebrate the great culture of America by giving our history a fun twist. That's why they got me, Larry the Cable Guy. This will be a hilarious, informative, and new approach to history, AND like Pitt and Beckham, I'll be easy on the eyes!!

Zap2it: What did you most want to see?

Larry: The Playboy Mansion but we never had time to squeeze it in, so I had to settle for Mule Days in Tennessee. I hadn't seen that many big teeth since my family reunion!

Zap2it: Did everything you wanted wind up in the show?

Larry: I got pretty much everything in. History was very good to me in that respect. They knew the show was my spin on history, so they kinda let me go. The hard part was finding what to cut, because there was so much funny stuff in each segment, it was hard to decide what to keep in and keep out.

Zap2it: What surprised you the most?

Larry: How fat I got during the filming. I actually get fatter from week to week. Now as far as meeting people and hosting the show, the thing that surprised me was just how many fans I had in areas I didn't think I'd have fans. It was awesome.

Zap2it: What surprised you the least?

Larry: That America is still full of good people all over the place. It doesn't matter what color they are or where they come from, they are doing things together and enjoying the freedoms that make this country great. That really didn't surprise me at all, 'cause when I travel I see them all the time.

If you watch the news you'd think America is full of scumbags, but the news only covers scumbags, 'cause the majority of the people that are working hard to achieve the American dream, and raising good families, and helping out neighbors, I guess are boring and not newsworthy. The good thing is those people are the majority.

Zap2it: If someone who's never been to America sees your show, what do you think they will learn?

Larry: They'll wanna do what our forefathers did and move here! This place is awesome! They already probably know our culture is the greatest in the world, I'm just showin' it to 'em and makin' 'em wish they were me.

Zap2it: Is it hard meeting ordinary Americans when you're a cultural icon?

Larry: I love people, and I love hearin' their stories. Americans are the best and all have something unique and interesting to share. I just ask they not look me directly in the eyes when speaking to me... (oh, sorry, that last part was a press request that was written for Barbra Streisand).

Zap2it: Which what was scarier: crawfish, sled dogs or mules?

Larry: Actually what was scary were the dudes working with crawfish, sled dogs and mules!!

Zap2it: Have you acquired any new hobbies as a result of your adventures?

Larry: I now use more hand sanitizer.  

Zap2it: What are your top three tips for people who want to get out and see the real America?

Larry: Only one tip. You wanna see the real America then turn the news off every now and then and go see what a beautiful county we have. You don't gotta go far to see real America.  Real America is the guy makin' BBQ. Real America is the trucker haulin' goods and services across the country. Real America is Moms and Dads and kids hangin' out on a Saturday afternoon racin' soap-box cars. Real America is a county fair; Real America is a baseball game on a hot summer night.

Real America is people of every background helping one another and enjoying every day the freedoms  And that can be achieved, Only in America!! And that's a damn good tip!

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images