VIDEO: Oprah didn't recognize 'The View's' Sherri Shepherd in 'Precious'


Sherri Shepherd, co-host of "The View," is almost unrecognizable as Cornrows, the receptionist at the alternative school in the new film "Precious." 

 Even Oprah didn't recognize her!

Shepherd promises that "Precious" will uplift and inspire audiences and that it's not just a black film.... "It's universal," she added at last night's premiere at the 2009 AFI Film Festival.

She hopes that people take away that "Everybody has a story" and "Despite your obstacles, you can rise up."

There's a romantic obstacle coming on her new Lifetime series -- "Sherri" -- in a face-off coming between Malcolm Jamal Warner, who plays her ex-husband, and her onscreen boyfriend.

"I have to choose between the two," she says. "What a problem to have!"

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