'Orange Is the New Black' Emmys 2014: Taylor Schilling, Laverne Cox and more

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taylor-schilling-emmys-2014.jpgThe "Orange Is The New Black" cast is usually on point with their red carpet game, but at the 66th Emmy Awards some of the cast were stunning and some were committing unforgivable sins on the red carpet.

Stunners included Taylor Schilling, in a classic, white, Nicole Kidman-esque dress, Laverne Cox, also in white, looking like a Greek goddess, Kate Mulgrew in a classy, blue-beaded frock, Danielle Brooks in a flattering, floor length, white dress, Uzo Aduba in the color of the moment and Samira Wiley, brightening up the carpet with a bright yellow dress and a smile.

laverne-cox-emmys-2014.jpg kate-mulgrew-emmys-2014.jpg danielle-brooks-emmys-2014.jpg uzo-aduba-emmys-2014.jpg samira-wiley-emmys-2014.jpgAmong the sinners, Laura Prepon in an unflattering teal number, Natasha Lyonne in a matronly blue lace dress and Dascha Polanco in a white dress with way too much fabric.

natasha-lyonne-emmys-2014-pablo-schreiber.jpg laura-prepon-emmys-2014.jpg dascha-polanco-emmys-2014.jpgWhat did you think of the "Orange Is The New Black" cast on the red carpet?
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images