'Orange Is The New Black's' Laverne Cox reveals Emmy thoughts on 'The View'

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laverne-cox-whoopi-goldberg-the-view-abc.jpg "Orange Is The New Black" history maker, Laverne Cox is the first openly transgender Emmy nominee and while beyond grateful for the nod, she views it as just a small moment in a big journey.

Cox stopped by "The View" (July 21) and reflected on her 2014 Emmy nomination as well as her dynamic year saying the pressure "gets to her sometimes." Then Cox told the ladies and special guest co-host and "OITNB" co-star Jason Biggs, she found herself thinking over the weekend about Sidney Poitier, the first African American to win an Oscar in 1964 for "Lilies of the Field."

"What he says about that moment is that he didn't feel that he had overcome as black actors, because he was the only one. So I think that the revolution begins when it's not just me, and there's more of us," Cox explained.

The actress confessed "View" co-host Whoopi Goldberg has been a huge inspiration throughout her acting career and spoke on why playing Litchfield's hair dresser extraordinaire, Sophia Burset, on the Netflix series has been a cathartic experience. Cox reflects on feeling unfulfilled in her previous work before "Orange" saying, "I was waiting for a part that really had nuance, complexity and dimension."

Cox says when her character's backstory was revealed, it was a huge moment for her. "I thought, this is it! I just wanted to do my best, give it all and show people what I've got, and I have an Emmy nomination now," she says.

Though Cox still feels the movement for equality has a long way to go, she is grateful shows like "Orange" are opening people's minds and hearts. The actress concluded saying, "I hope that people out there now can associate being transgender with being accomplished, being successful and achieving your dreams."

Photo/Video credit: ABC