'Orange Is The New Black' Season 2 lines and moments guaranteed to make you flash a pearly Pennsatucky smile

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Since "Orange Is The New Black" Season 2 is filled with some of the most deliciously well written moments and one-liners on TV today; we thought we would take the opportunity to salute some of the moment's from this year's installment that made us smile big like Pennsatucky--with her new teeth, of course. 

Warning: Some spoilers and explicit language may follow in the material below.

Morello's description of "Toy Story. "

The ladies of Litchfield describe their career aspirations.

Red and Vee's hug with a history.

Black Cindy's airport rub down technique.

black-cindy-oitnb-season-2-airport-security.jpg Red wanting to look fierce.

Pornstache finally makes his return.

mendez-back-oitnb-season-2.gifPretty much every time Pennsatucky opens her mouth.

Photo/Video credit: Netflix, Media Devour, Giphy