'Orange Is The New Black' Season 2: Here's everything you need to know about the ladies of Litchfield

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There are officially no more sleeps until "Orange Is The New Black" Season 2 hits the web. Whether you have missed a few or haven't seen a single episode yet, here's everything you need to know about the characters in Season 1 so you are equipped for the juicy next chapter

PIPER CHAPMAN (Taylor Schilling)

piper-chapman-oitnb-two-weeks.gif Litchfield Lockup Story: Our pretty little heroine landed herself in jail on drug trafficking and money laundering charges for 15 months for a crime she committed a decade ago. Although now engaged to a safe, nice boy Larry (Jason Biggs),10 years ago Chapman was traveling the world and helping to carry drug money across borders for her lover Alex Vause (Laura Prepon).

The Learning Curve:
Chapman's first few days at Litchfield are hard on her. For starters, she makes the mistake of offending Red (Kate Mulgrew), the prison chef and has to go without food for several days. Then to top things off she finds out her former lover Alex is also in the same lockup. So let's just say Chapman finds it hard adjusting to prison life. After all, she has pretty much been coddled her entire life. Life is no longer about juice cleanses with Larry and brainstorming about her soap making business with her best friend Polly. 

Soon Piper finds her self torn between her current and former flames, however, luckily for her things quickly go south for her in both relationships. Larry makes the mistake of talking about Piper's prison experience on a popular radio show, while Alex is exposed as the person who ratted out her involvement in the drug ring.

Where We Left Off: The love triangle comes to a head. Piper calls it quits with Alex. Alex doesn't take this lightly and persuades Larry to break up with his fiancee. As if all the love drama isn't enough to make a girl lose it, Piper has been feuding with fellow inmate Pennsatucky (Taryn Manning) over anything and everything. In the last scene of Season 1 Pennsatucky attacks Piper with a shiv made out of a wooden cross. Sgt. Healy looks on as Piper reaches her breaking point and gains the upper hand in the fight.

ALEX VAUSE (Laura Prepon)

alex-vause-eyes-oitnb.gif Litchfield Lockup Story: Little Alex was raised by a her single, poor mother and struggled to find acceptance in her youth. So while visiting her dead beat rock star father, she was easily led astray when the drug cartel made their way into life. She thought she found her soul mate in Piper, but things ended quickly when Piper wasn't there for Alex when her mother passes away. The epitome of a lover scorned, Alex wastes no time in implicating her former lover when things start to hit the fan.

The Learning Curve: Alex spends her days at Litchfield on the carefree side. She makes up and breaks up with Piper and spends her time working in the laundry room and doesn't really ruffle anyone else's feathers.

Where We Left Off: After getting once again dumped by Piper, she convinces Larry their shared girl is selfish and convinces him to leave her too. She then starts a relationship with fellow inmate Nicky (Natasha Lyonne).

DAYANARA "DAYA" DIAZ (Dascha Polanco)

bennett-daya-teeth-oitnb.gif Litchfield Lockup Story: Daya arrives the same day as Piper and her mother Aleida is already in lockup. Also like Piper, Daya was booked on drug charges. She got into some trouble when she started sleeping with her mother's boyfriend and known drug dealer, Cesar.

The Learning Curve: Daya has a little bit of trouble fitting in with her Latina prison sisters because of her tumultuous relationship with her mother and the fact she knows next to no Spanish whatsoever. She does connect strongly with Bennett (Matt McGorry) the prison guard. The two fall in love and he gets her pregnant -- which it should go without saying is a prison no no. Hoping to protect her baby daddy, Daya tricks hated guard Mendez (Pablo Schreiber) into sleeping with her and gets him sent away on unpaid leave.

Where We Left Off: Daya confesses to Bennett what she did with Mendez and he breaks up with her. However after a fire erupts in the kitchen, the two reconnect and decide to figure things out together.

"RED" REZNIKOV (Kate Mulgrew)

red-reznikov-oitnb.gif Litchfield Lockup Story: Before landing herself in Litchfield, Red was just a nice woman running a Russian restaurant with her husband. After finding herself mixed up with the Russian mob, she landed herself in prison and quickly became the inmate chef.

The Learning Curve: Red is very comfortable with her role as head honcho. Everyone fears her and she always gets her way. However, things get messy for her when Mendez tries to take over the smuggling operation Red has going through the kitchen. While she only smuggles in fun, but banned items like hair dye and lipstick, he takes over and starts running a drug operation.

Where We Left Off: After being fired from her chef duties, Red sets fire to the kitchen.


crazy-eyes-nod-oitnb.gif Litchfield Lockup Story: We don't know exactly what landed Suzanne in jail, but we do know she was raised by a sweet all American couple who we see when they come to visit her and urge her not to use bad language. We hope to find out more about how Suzanne came to Litchfield in Season 2.

The Learning Curve: Poor Suzanne fell hard for Piper early on. When Piper accepts excepts food from Suzanne, she assumes Piper is her girlfriend. When Piper tells her that's not happening, she flips out and pees on Piper's floor. Suzanne is definitely a roller coaster of emotions, which vary depending on how medicated she is.

Where We Left Off: Suzanne freezes during her solo in the prison Christmas pageant.


sophia-burset-oitnb.gif Litchfield Lockup Story: Pre-transition Sophia was a married firefighter named Marcus who used stolen credit cards to fund her gender reassignment surgery. Needless to say she got caught. Sophia's wife still supports her, but her son cut off all ties.

The Learning Curve: Sophia is Litchfield's resident hair stylist and takes pride in her job, always looking fabulous. However, she ran into some trouble trying to get her hormones delivered in prison. Sophia also learned her wife had fallen in love with a pastor back home.

Where We Left Off: Sophia runs the perfect prison Christmas pageant and in Christmas miracle, she receives a card from her son.

(Taryn Manning)

tiffany-doggett-oitnb.gif Litchfield Lockup Story: An extreme drug addict who got several abortions, Pennsatucky landed in lockup after shooting a nurse at an abortion clinic. The nurse made the terrible mistake of commenting on the amount of births she had terminated. Afterwards Pennsatucky was adopted by pro-life supporters and found Jesus.

The Learning Curve: Pennsatucky is probably Litchfield's craziest trouble maker. She has it out for Piper and not only gets her sent to the SHU, but plans to murder her at the Christmas pageant.

Where We Left Off: The tables are turned on Pennsatucky, when Piper's rage takes over.

NICKY NICHOLS (Natasha Lyonne)

nicky-nichols-oitnb.gif Litchfield Lockup Story: A former girl about town, Nicky was raised by a nanny and ended up with a mean heroin addiction. Luckily Red helped her detox and live a somewhat normal existence in lockup.

The Learning Curve: Nicky is the Litchfield flirt, always on the look out for a hookup. She starts by having a casual thing with Morello (Yael Stone) and then after that is broken off, she starts something with Piper's ex, Alex.

Where We Left Off: Nicky and Alex start exploring their relationship.

MISS CLAUDETTE (Michelle Hurst)

miss-claudette-oitnb-hope.gif Litchfield Lockup Story: Back in the day Miss Claudette ran a house cleaning business, where child labor was heavily relied upon. She murders a man who abused a girl working for her, however we aren't sure if this resulted in her stay at Litchfield.

The Learning Curve: Piper's roommate who is the first to school her on the ways of prison life. Miss Claudette finds out her case is eligible for re-examination and goes to trial, however, sadly, is rejected. She is livid and assaults a guard and in turn gets transferred.

Where We Left Off: Miss Claudette gets transferred out of Litchfield.

"TAYSTEE" JEFFERSON (Danielle Brooks)

taystee-oitnb-gets-out.gif Litchfield Lockup Story: Details on Taystee's pre-Litchfield life are limited, though we do know she has a rather entertaining story involving an AA meeting, BBQ sauce, her being shirtless and a dead man.

The Learning Curve: Taystee is one of the most popular inmates, her carefree, infectious energy invigorates everyone in her wake. Taystee gets out of Litchfield after a successful parole hearing. However, life outside isn't happy for Taystee. She commits a crime and lands back at Litchfield, because life is so much better with her inmate family.

Where We Left Off: Taystee was happily singing in the Christmas pageant.

(Yael Stone)

lorna-morello-oitnb-run.gif Litchfield Lockup Story:  Lorna is another inmate we have yet to find out the backstory on. What we do know is she is engaged and totally obsessed with planning her wedding to her beloved Christopher.

The Learning Curve: Lorna is another inmate who really gets along with just about everybody. She is a tough girl though and able to hold her own against Mendez and the other prison guards. Red is one of her besties. Sadly, in Season 1, Lorna discovers Christopher has moved on and her dream wedding is most likely not happening.

Where We Left Off: Lorna gets a reality check and her world is rocked.


Janae Watson (Vicky Jeudy) -- A former track star who got involved with a bad guy. After an unfortunate misunderstanding, Piper gets the Litchfield track re-opened for Watson to make up for it.

Yoga Jones (Constance Shulman) -- A super hippie who we find out killed a child in her past.

Poussey Washington (Samira Wiley) -- Taystee's bestie

Big Boo (Lea Delaria) -- The inmate who always seems to be around.

Gloria Mendoza (Selenis Leyva) -- Latina who gains control over the kitchen when Red is demoted.

Norma Romano (Annie Golden) -- Red's mute confident who shocks everyone by singing in the Christmas pageant.

Sister Ingalls
(Beth Fowler) -- A laidback nun who landed in Litchfield for political protest.

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